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Clarion Medical technology is one of Canada’s largest medical companies focus on B2B business. With over 7000 systems installed, more than 130 employees, and over 60 technologies. 

Due to the rapid development of Clarion, only one company logo in the design aspect is no longer enough for market influence and company culture establishment. The best solution for the case is to build an integrated company VI System. Enrich the color, font, and pattern in order to enhance the visual effect and also establish a greater market influence.

Artboard 1.jpg

Expand the brand colour palette From one to four for adding more fun and flexibility

Artboard 2.jpg

Clarion has a larger scale among competitors. Therefore, the company building is a very unique image as a propaganda symbol which will leaven a trustworthy impression to the target customers



business card copy.jpg
business card Clarion.jpg
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